Happy Birthday Mema!!

If not for you there’d be no me.
I’m not speaking biologically.
Even if I had a different smile, or different skin,
I know without a doubt that I’d know you within.
If your eyes were lighter, or my height were taller
Or you hair were wavy and my size smaller,
I’d still find you and you’d still find me.
There’s simply no other way that I could be.
“Be” in a sense greater than existence because that fulfills so little.
“Be” as in be honest, and happy even in the face of the broken and brittle.
You’re a teacher on how to “be” cause your actions speak louder than words.
I’ve learned that kindness and laughter are as joyous as songbirds.
Mema, I wish you all the kindness and laughter on this Special Occasion.
Thank you for being you and here’s to 68 years of Celebration!!