Five Point Update! An emotional rollercoaster

Sorry, My brain’s been mush for the past month! Here’s a 5 point update:

  1. I learned where I was gonna live 2 weeks ago. It was very, very emotional. I cried…. ALOT.
  2. For the last two weeks, I have been itching with anticipation, anxiety, nervousness, excitement and a surprisingly overwhelming feeling of not wanting to leave my training site. I didn’t want to leave my fellow volunteers and my host family. Over the past 3 months I have become unashamedly attached to my training host family and fellow volunteers in my cluster. (Not in a creepy way, but definitely borderline). When I first met them (and the volunteers before) I was incredibly intimidated and I automtically shrunk within myself.IMG_0534There were SO MANY strong personalities and I felt kind of on the outskirts a little, and a little NOT good enough. But, it was ALL in my head. I had to learn to step outside of myself and breathe a little. When I finally breathed and got out of my own head, things were a whole lot easier and I formed connections I never thought I would.
  3. More crying. I was sworn in 3 days ago. It was emotional, AGAIN. It was Up and Down and Down and Up.
  4. The Next day, I met the Vice Principal/Counter-part at my school. I spent all day with them and felt guilty for feeling so incredibly excited to leave
  5. Now, I have been in my permanent site for 3 days, and right now I love it! The Peace Corps already told me that I will experience many highs and lows in my 2 years and right now I am embracing this emotional High, It feels fantastic. I am here, living my dream and finally moving towards what will be a memorable experience.

Until Next time,



***BONUS POINT*** 6. I’ve lost another 10 to 15 pounds since I’ve arrived in Indonesia, very surprising considering all the fried things I’ve taken in over the past 2 months. I’ll say more about it next time (:

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