Up there the sun is warmer

the air more soothing

whispering, no, shouting joyous songs

I’ve never heard.

Up there it is brighter.

The clouds, not floors

more like birds, lighter.

You soar higher still.

On earth, you soared higher still.

The wonderous mass of flesh

could no longer contain the

wonderous spirit that could no longer be restrained.

Down here, the sand scorched your soles.

The pavement too rough;

The grass too harsh.

Naturally, you jumped high,

Leapt, and reached for home.

Now, I find comfort in the

haven you found.

Now I find joy in the heart you

squeeze to beat

by living.

You live and I live.

Because you gave me

all you are and still

give me more than I deserve,

I honor you.

Not only for what you give,

but for who you are.

Now, you do the impossible for you live in many homes

at once.

You live in our hearts.

There is a piece of you

in all of our souls.

On this day, I honor you

and thank you for your time.

Now be on your way, Mommy,

spread your wings and fly.

Up there, it’s warmer, for

your smile fills the sky.

Up there, joy abounds,

and we all know why.

Your new and old friends sing

that the day is new!

“It’s a beautiful morning, Tovoia.

Happy Birthday to you!”



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