I totally don’t want to be one of those people who say “Awkward”, BUT…

This is just a quick story about how I ruined a stranger’s day:

So I was in Whole foods yesterday, standing in the dairy/cereal/everything aisle watching this guy with a thick handle bar mustache (A product of No Shave November/Awesome lifestyle choice)  decide between two similar brands of Almond Milk for about 10 minutes . I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy watching it? It was literally fascinating watching him  furrow his brow, weigh and ,yes!, sniff the cartons of milk in both hands. I felt like I was in a Natural Food Store Zoo. minding my own business. All of a sudden, this guy zooms past me like he is in desperate need for organic yogurt and he slips on NOTHING (nothing was there) and falls on his gluteus maximus.

Believe me, I’ve been this person sooo many times it’s ridiculous. It was like he was a cartoon character who just slipped on a banana and was seeing stars. Of course a chuckle started to build up, but I still moved to help him. When I helped him to get up, I seriously have no idea how, but I accidentally punched him in the chest, sending him back to the floors. I guess my gripping was wrong or something, but my tiny fist (I have small hands) somehow came in contact with his chest. It really was an accident.

So I started to say “OHMIGOD! I’m so sorry…Are you Okay?” and then he said “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks, Sherlock”.

Then, naturally I said “You’re Welcome” because I cannot read sarcasm.

I swear this isn’t a moment out of a sitcom, but as soon as he got up and started angrily walking away, a bag of granola flew from a top shelf and landed on his head. He threw his hands up.

He grabbed his yogurt on his way out.

I had to immediately leave the aisle before I brought him anymore bad luck or started laughing like an idiot.

I actually forgot what I came in the store for after that. I wanted to buy him a “sorry about punching you” cake, but he disappeared.

I really hope his day turned around and I hope he laughs today.