Hey! Brown skinned Girl!

Hey! You there with the brown skin! Read this article:


I know that some Professionals recommend getting a yearly mammogram at 40 plus, but as African American Women we are at a higher risk. Do not think that 30 is too young. I’ve known and lost too many people who ignored their bodies and go their mammograms too late.There are unknown reasons as to why Black Women with breast cancer have a higher mortality rate than anyone else, but there are correlations. There are still plenty of studies going on. One thing I think separates us is the lack of information and access. More Black Women receive a diagnosis in the later stages of breast cancer and have a more aggressive form of Breast Cancer.

What about the costs, you ask? There are organizations that offer FREE MAMMOGRAMS all over the U.S.A. For example, the Capital Breast Care Center offers free exams and serves as a great source of information for people with questions in the DMV area. Komen.org is also a great source for people looking for a source for free mammograms. It is better to be informed than uninformed!



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